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Independent Distributor of Harris Parts - Product areas include linear, data acquisition, DSP and logic Ics along with intelligent and discrete power semiconductor such as power MOSFETs, IGBTs, MCTs, transient suppression devices and power drivers.

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RFP12N18 RFP12P08 RFP14N05 RFP15P05 RFP18N10 RFP22N10 RFP2N08 RFP2N08L RFP2N20L RFP30P05 RFP30P06 RFP3N45 RFP3N50 RFP40N10 RFP45N06 RFP4N06 RFP50N05 RFP50N06 RFP5P12 RFP6N50 RFP6P08 RFP70N03 RFP7N03 RFP8N18L RFP8P05 RFP8P08 RFP8P10 RHRD440C RHRP860C RUR30120 RUR3020 RUR420 RUR810 RUR820 RUR860 RURG3020 RURG3060 RURG5040 RURP1520 RURU8060 RVP1520 S33820 SA3602A SAA1060 SD501JS2 SD535H SGT06U13 SGT23B13 SGT23U13 SGT27B27 SGT27S10 SP600 SP720AB SP720ABT SP720AP SP720MD8 SP721AB SP721ABT SP721AP SP723AB SP724AHT SP72OAP 5N227 6100T8C 61693903 621511 64022 6402B9 64089 64332 64402 64409 65019 65042 65048 65049 6504RH 65082 6508B2 6508B8 6508D5 65145 65148 65152 651628 65162B2 65162B9 65162C9 65165 65169 6551B9 6552B8 65615 6561B9 65625 66005 66055 66118 6611A8 66168 66169 66419 674AJD5 674AJN5 674AKD5 674AKN5 674ASD8 674ATD8 67874801 67898501 67898601 67898701 67898801 68HC68P1 70017FB 70203701 71001FB 7136CM44 71595 720AB 723AFNR 7242CBA 745C574 74AC04E 74AC05E 74AC08E 74AC10E 74AC10M 74AC138F 74AC151M 74AC161M 74AC163E 74AC175E 74AC191E 74AC193M 74AC20E 74AC253D 74AC253M 74AC257E 74AC273M 74AC283E 74AC297E 74AC32E 74AC373E 74AC373M 74AC573E 74AC574E 74AC647 74AC648M 74AC651 74AC652 74AC654 74AC7060 74AC86E 74ACT02E 74ACT02M 74ACT04E 74ACT08 74ACT14E 74ACT164 74ACT20M 74ACT32E 74ACT74E 74ACT86E 74ACT86M 74C10 74HC03E 74HC08D 74HC132E 74HC137E 74HC138M 74HC139E 74HC154M 74HC158E 74HC163E 74HC175E 74HC20M 74HC259M 74HC273E 74HC27E 74HC27M 74HC299E 74HC377E 74HC377M 74HC393M 74HC564E 74HC597E 74HC597M 74HC670M 74HC86E 74HCT00 74HCT03D T40841 TA11890 TA14732B TA14972C TCA750 TI56105 TI774J5 TM3RA88 TR550004 TS500016 V07E230 V07E250 V100ZA05 V100ZA4 V100ZC15 V100ZT3 V10E625 V120CH8T V120MA2B V120ZA1 V120ZA4 V12ZA05 V12ZA1 V130L10 V130LA1 V130LA2 V130LA5 V130LAZ V131DB40 V131HA32 V140LC2 V14E625 V150LC2 V150ZA05 V150ZA8 V151DA40 V151DB40 V172BB60 V175LA2 V175LT2 V180MA3B V180Z2A5 V180ZT10 V18MA1A V18ZA05 V18ZA1 V18ZC3 V18ZT1 V20E150 V20E175 V20E250 V20E300 V20E385 V20E440 V20E550 V20E625 V20V150 V20V625 V220MA2A V220MA4B V220ZS05 V22CH8 V22ZT3 V230LS4 V242CA60 V250L V250L40 V250LA10 V250LA2 V250LT4 V251DB40 V270MA4B V270MT2A V270ZA05 V271DB40 V275LA10 V275LA4 V275LC10 V275LS40 V275LT10 V27RA16 V27ZA1 V27ZA2 V27ZS2 V300LA4 V321HA32 V33MT1A V33ZS05 V33ZT5 V360CH8 V360CH8T V39MA2A V39Z1 V39ZA6 V421HA32 V421HA40 V430MA3A V430MT7B V430RA16 V430RA22 V430ZA05 V47MA2A V47ZA7 V47ZC7 V511DA40 V511DB40 V511HA32 V56Z52 V56ZA3 V56ZA8 V571DA40 V68Z20 V82MA3A V82MA3B V82RA16 V82RA8 V82ZA12 V82ZA4 V82ZC12 V82ZT12 W2N06RLE W330091 XHIP1090 AH5010CN AI47415 AL53205 AX60228N AZ25355 B013881 B202101 B202102 B2363 B57113 B57767 B57771 BUW41 BUW41B BUW64A BUX32A BUZ31 BUZ31S BYW51200 C13512A5 C15502A5 C35502A5 C35502B5 C355045 C35504B C4P55045 C4P55047 CA0239E CA0258E CA0324M CA0339E CA0339M CA0358E CA0555CE CA0723CE CA0723E CA0741CE CA081E CA124E CA1391E CA139E CA1458E CA1458T CA145BE CA1558S CA158AE CA158AT CA239AE CA239E CA239M CA258E CA2904E CA2904M CA30153 CA3018 CA3020 CA3028AE CA3028AS CA3028BT CA3046BE CA3046H CA3046N CA3049T3 CA3054M CA3075R CA3079 CA3080AS CA3080M CA3081EX CA3081F CA3082 CA3083 CA3083E CA3083F CA3085 CA3085A CA3085E CA3086M CA3088E CA3089E CA3089M CA3089M1 CA3094E CA3096 CA3096AE CA3096CE CA3096E CA3100E CA3100T3 CA3123E CA3126Q CA3127E CA3127M CA3130AM CA3130AT CA3130EX CA3140AS CA3140M CA314OE CA3154E CA3160AE CA3160E CA3161E CA3162E CA316OE CA3189E CA3193AE CA3194E CA3207E CA3227M CA3228E CA3240E CA3240EX CA3240H CA324EX CA3252M CA3253E CA3256E CA3256M CA3260E CA3260EX CA3260T CA3262AE CA3262AQ CA3274 CA3277E CA3290AE CA3290T CA3292AQ CA3304E CA3304M CA3306AE CA3306M CA3310AE CA3310AM CA3310M CA339EX CA339M CA3420E CA3420S CA3440 CA3440E CA3450E CA3524EX CA3524F CA358AE CA358M CA4011BE CA4060BE CA5130AE CA5160AE CA5160E CA5420AT CA5420T CA5470E CA5470M CA723AM CA723T CA741E CA741T CA747CE CAO324M CD22100F CD22101E CD22202E CD22203E CD22204E CD22204M CD22401E CD22402D CD22402E CD239AF CD3080AM CD3081M CD3086M CD3240E CD4000AY CD4000BD CD4001BF CD4002AE CD4002AY CD4002BF CD40097 CD40108F CD4010BE CD4011AF CD4011AY CD4011BE CD4011BF CD4011BM CD4012BE CD4013BE CD4013BF CD4013BM CD4015BF CD40168E CD4016BE CD4016BF CD4016BM CD4017BF CD4018AE CD4018BE CD40192N CD4021B CD4021BE CD4021BF CD4022AE CD4023BE CD4023BM CD4024BF CD4024BM CD4025BF CD4025BM CD4026BE CD4030BD CD4031BD CD4031BE CD4040BE CD4042BE CD4042BM CD4043BM CD4044BF CD4045BF CD4046BE CD4046BF CD4047BF CD4049AF CD4050BD CD4050BM CD4051BE CD4051BM CD4053BE CD4054BD CD4054BE CD4054BF CD4060BE CD4066BM CD4067BF CD4070BE CD4070BF CD4073BK CD4073BM CD4075BD CD4075BM CD4077BE CD4078BF CD4093B CD4093BM CD4094BE CD4095BF CD4096BF CD4097BD CD4098BD CD4098BF CD4099BE CD4502BF CD4503BE CD4504BE CD4512BE CD4512BF CD4515BF CD4516BF CD4517BE CD4518BE CD4520BE CD4521BE CD4529AE CD4529BE CD4532BF CD45388E CD4538BE CD4555BE CD4556BE CD4585BE CD4585BF CD55045 CD74AC00 CD74AC04 CD74FCT CD74HC03 CD74HC11 CD74HC21 CD74HC73 CD8088 CD80C862 CD82C52 CD82C54 CD82C55A CD82C59A CD82C82 CD82C86H CD82C88 CD82C89 CDP180CE CDP1823E CDP1851E CDP1852D CDP1853D CDP6823D CDP6823Q CI55127 CI555165 D101655 D1145109 D1155308 D115530E D14017A2 D14025A9 D14035A2 D14035A9 D14066A9 D147029 D164059 D164959 D174C10 D174C83 D180C97 D192383 D34008A9 D34025A9 D34027B9 D34035A9 D347029 D364065 D364099 D374C08 D374C10 D374C154 D374C163 D374C76 D374C922 D40V1 D44C11 D45C8 D45VH7 DAC16B5 DAC16C5 DAC85V4 DG11CJ DG180AA DG180BA DG181AA DG183AP DG184AP DG186AA DG186AP DG186BA DG187AP DG187BP DG188AA DG188AP DG188BP DG190AP DG191AP DG200AA DG200AK DG200CJ DG201ACK DG201AK DG201CJ DG202BK DG202CK DG212CY DG300AAA DG300AAK DG300ABK DG300ACA DG300ACJ DG300ACK DG301AAK DG301ABA DG301ACK DG302AAK DG302ABK DG302ACK DG303ACK DG308AAK DG308ABK DG308ACY DG309AK DG309BK DG309CK DG403DY DG406EY DG411EJ DG412DYT DG413EJ DG4410J DG441DJ DG441DYT DG444DY DG507ABK DG507ABY DG507ACK DG507ACY DG508AAK DG508ABY DG508ACY DG508DY DG509ACK DG526AK DG526BK DG526CK DG526CY DG527BK DG527CJ DG527CK DG528AK DG528BK DG528CJ DG528CY DG529BK DI74C162 DUMMIEST CA3100T3 CD4053BE CD4541BE CD4541BE COM130 CP80C86 CP80C88 CP82C37A CP82C54 CP82C59A CP82C83H CP82C84A CP82C88 CP82C89 CPD6818E CS2516H CS32C55A CS80C88 CS80C882 CS8255A CS82C37A CS82C84A CS82C85 CS82C88 A124055 A125395 A125415 A146008 A146205 A151902 A151908 A151955 A153205 A153208 A153302 A225055 A225208 A226002 A226028 A226408 A325395 A350335 A351025 A49C1 A725002 A725208 A725255 A726055 A751015 A751202 A751305 A751355 A751805 A75180A2 AC174 AC623 ACT04H ACT138 ACT161 ACT273 ACT373 ACT573 AD4011A9 AD508ADY AD7520KD AD7520LD G4716 GEV33ZA5 L044FXW L236Z80 F1109 F1S40N10 F40N10LE F710AAG F710ABK F710ADP F723AEB FA300025 FA300035 FA30035 FA3210 FD1300AG FP50N06L FRK460R3 FRL230R3 I12012 I1201HS5 I15065 I1506A2 I1506A5 I15078 I1508A8 I15185 I15475 I15494 I15495 I3201HS5 I33845 H093262 H1105D H11A1025 H11A550 H11HG1 H133905 H135475 H15702KB H15813 H227002 H232CBE H3083D IC082C54 H3246 H3506A5 HA025412 HA053202 HA123115 HA12400 HA124002 HA124008 HA124041 HA124055 HA12420 HA124202 HA124208 HA124257 HA12539 HA125392 HA125398 HA125405 HA125407 HA125408 HA125415 HA125422 HA125475 HA126208 HA126222 HA126255 HA126508 HA12650B HA126555 HA127008 HA127055 HA127302 HA127405 HA128255 HA12842 ICL7116 HA146022 HA146028 HA14605 HA146055 HA146208 HA147412 HA147415 HA149002 HA149008 HA149022 HA149028 HA149055 HA149255 HA150645 HA1506A2 HA150845 HA150848 HA151048 HA151145 HA151342 HA151345 HA151442 HA151445 HA151542 HA151908 HA151955 HA153202 HA153205 HA153208 HA153302 HA153305 HA153405 HA18526 HA216108 HA216205 HA223115 HA225002 HA225028 HA22510 HA225102 HA225108 HA225155 HA22520 HA225222 HA225228 HA225255 HA225257 HA225302 HA225355 HA225415 HA225418 HA225425 HA225428 HA226002 HA226008 HA226022 HA226028 HA226055 HA226202 HA226208 HA226222 HA226228 HA226255 HA22630 HA226408 HA226508 HA227002 HA227202 HA229008 HA250022 HA250027 HA250335 HA250338 HA251005 HA251025 HA251111 HA251355 HA251475 HA251522 HA251602 HA251622 HA251625 HA25404 HA2602 HA26228 HA29092 HA2911-5 HA324065 HA324069 HA324255 HA324445 HA325055 HA325155 HA325395 HA325425 HA326255 HA328415 HA328425 HA328505 HA347415 HA350205 HA350335 HA351015 HA351045 HA351125 HA352225 HA353205 HA353405 HA4404CP HA456CM HA457CM HA5013IP HA5022IB HA50231P HA51142 HA5351IP HA7210IG HA7210IP HA723115 HA72525 HA725255 HA725447 HA726455 HA750025 HA750028 HA750205 HA751112 HA751275 HA751279 HA751355 HA751375 HA751425 HA751472 HA751585 HA752229 HA925208 HA926008 HA9P2540 HAI26255 HAI46005 HAI50845 HAI51342 HAR51955 HC130579 HC155045 HC15508 HC155125 HC155127 ID80C88 ID82C52 ID82C54 ID82C85 ID82C88 HC259 IDAC16C5 HC355045 HC35504B HC355085 HC35560 HC355605 HC355605 HC365 HC40103 HC5513 HC5513X HC5514X HC5517CB HC5517CM HC5517IM HC5526CM HCD80C86 HCP82C88 HCT10 HCT191 HCT241 HCT251 HCT259 HCT273 HCT30 HCT367 HD114885 HD114895 HD11655 HD12452 HD12462 HD140009 HD140259 HD140309 HD147022 HD147028 HD147029 HD1549-5 HD15531 HD161209 HD164022 HD164029 HD164099 HD164312 HD164319 HD164328 HD164329 HD164332 HD164349 HD164369 HD164402 HD164409 HD164952 HD164958 HD164959 HD166002 HD166005 HD166055 HD347029 HD361019 HD364029 HD364319 HD364329 HD364349 HD364959 HD374C10 HD374C20 HD374C32 HD374C90 HD380C97 HD4011A9 HD464098 HD4702 IF9110 HD6408 IFV120 IL50455 IL620 HDI01655 HDV50783 HDV50948 HDV51194 HF1102 HF1105 HF4105 HFA1106 HFA1110I HFA1305 HFA1405 HFA3096B HFA3127B HFA3128B HFA3524A HFA3926I HFA5251 IRF121 IRF512R IRF513GE HI102002 HI10201 HI102015 HI103032 HI103065 HI103905 HI105062 HI105065 HI105094 HI105245 HI109105 HI118005 HI12002 HI12004 HI12007 HI12014 HI12017 HI12018 HI12225 HI13005 HI13008 HI13015 HI13025 HI13032 HI13038 HI13042 HI13045 HI13052 HI13055 HI13062 HI13065 HI13072 HI13075 HI13812 HI13815 HI13842 HI13845 HI13872 HI13875 HI13902 HI150402 HI150405 HI150407 HI150412 HI150415 HI150418 HI150425 HI150427 HI150432 HI150435 HI150437 HI150438 HI150442 HI150445 HI150447 HI150452 HI150455 HI150457 HI150458 HI150462 HI150465 HI150467 HI150472 HI150475 HI150477 HI150482 HI150485 HI150487 HI150497 HI150498 HI150502 HI150505 HI150507 HI150512 HI150515 HI150517 HI150518 HI15062 HI15064 HI15065 HI15068 HI1506A2 HI1506A5 HI1506A7 HI1506A8 HI1507-5 HI15074 HI15077 HI15078 HI1507A2 HI1507A7 HI1507A8 HI15082 HI15084 HI15085 HI15087 HI15088 HI1508A2 HI1508A7 HI1508A8 HI15092 HI15094 HI15095 HI15097 HI15098 HI1509A HI1509A2 HI1509A5 HI1509A7 HI1509A8 HI15162 HI15165 HI15182 HI15185 HI15188 HI15242 HI15248 HI15392 HI15394 HI15395 HI15398 HI15462 HI15464 HI15465 HI15472 HI15474 HI15475 HI15482 HI15484 HI15485 HI15492 HI15494 HI15495 HI156102 HI156105 HI1562A5 HI156605 HI1774J5 HI202005 HI22002 HI22004 HI22005 HI22007 HI23002 HI23005 HI23012 HI23015 HI23042 HI23812 HI23815 HI23872 HI23875 HI250465 HI2525 HI305065 HI305245 HI32005 HI32014 HI32225 HI33005 HI33015 HI33025 HI33035 HI33045 HI33055 HI33065 HI33815 HI33845 HI33875 HI33905 HI350405 HI350415 HI350425 HI350445 HI350455 HI350465 HI350475 HI350485 HI350495 HI350505 HI350515 HI350586 HI3506 HI35065 HI3506A5 HI35095 HI3509A5 HI35165 HI35185 HI35245 HI35395 HI35465 HI35485 HI35495 HI3713J5 HI371595 HI3774J5 HI3774K5 HI3902 HI4506A8 HI45078 HI4507A8 HI4508A8 HI4509A8 HI45168 HI45188 HI45248 HI4574AS HI4P2015 HI4P2225 HI4P5065 HI4P5075 HI4P5085 HI4P5095 HI4P5165 HI4P5185 HI4P5245 HI4P5395 HI4P5465 HI4P5475 HI4P5485 HI559005 HI574AKD HI5905IN HI7167 HI7190IB HI92008 HI9P2015 HI9P5069 HI9P5485 HI9P5495 HID82C82 HIN202CA HIN204CB HIN206IB HIN208IP HIN209CB HIN211CB HIN230CB HIN231CB HIN232MJ HIN234CB HIN236CB HIN236IP HIN2371B HIN237CB HIN238IB HIN239CB HIN239CP HIN240CN HIN241CA HIN241IA HIP1011D HIP5011 HIP82C82 IRFD1Z1 IRFD220R IRFF211 IRFF332 IRFP246 IRFP9141 IRFR221 IRFR9220 IRFU110 IRFU322 HM101105 HM101685 HM101865 HM10342 HM10348 HM104102 HM104105 HM10442 HM10442A HM10932 HM165015 HM165019 HM16504 HM165042 HM165045 HM165048 HM165049 HM16508 HM165082 HM165085 HM165088 HM165089 HM165145 HM165148 HM165165 HM165168 HM165169 HM165189 HM16518B HM165338 HM165339 HM165439 HM165515 HM165518 HM165519 HM165615 HM165619 HM165625 HM165629 HM166115 HM166118 HM166119 HM166162 HM166168 HM166169 HM166179 HM166419 HM176025 HM176028 HM176032 HM176035 HM176038 HM176102 HM176105 HM176112 HM176115 HM176205 HM176212 HM176215 HM176218 HM176402 HM176405 HM176408 HM176412 HM176418 HM176425 HM176435 HM176438 HM17643A HM176455 HM17647R HM176498 HM176812 HM176815 HM176818 HM176855 HM176858 HM365045 HM365145 HM365165 HM365189 HM365519 HM376025 HM376035 HM376105 HM376115 HM376215 HM376405 HM376415 HM376435 HM376445 IS80C88 IS82C37A IS82C85 HM565645 HM58832 HM588329 HM6504 HM6516 HM6516B9 HM6518 HM6551 HM6561 HM6564 HM65642 HM6617 HM6642 HM666418 HM666419 HM8808 HM8816H HM8832 HM91M2 HM92560 HM92570 HM966118 HM96611A HM97611 HM976438 HMF0621 HMI0842 HMI76032 HMI76035 HMI76118 HN208CB HN236CB HN239CB HS131825 HS131878 HS13264 HS132738 HS132825 HS13518 HS13819 HS13819B HS33264 HS3374RH HS33819 HS33819B HS33820 HS8520B HS8543A HS9008RH HT82C54 HT82C55 HT82C83H HT82C86 HT82C86H HT82C87 JTX2N685 JX2N6849 74HCT11M 74HCT396 74HCT74E 74HCT74M 74HCT86 74LS423E 75348P3 76025 76035 76105DKS 76115 7611DC 7612DCPA 761615 76215 763218 76415 76418 76435 76438 7643A 7643A5 7643M5 76445 76455 7647R5 76571104 7662IPA 7663SCJ 766415 7665SAIJ 76815 76818 774J5 774K5 780290JB E60005C ELIWELL1

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Contact ICPOWERX : Phone 970-453-1762 Fax 954-827-0139 email

ICPOWERX is a stocking Independent Military and Commercial Electronic Component distributor specializing in Hard to Find, obsolete, discontinued and allocated electronic components.
We Can supply 3Com Actel Advanced Linear Devices Advanced Micro Devices Advanced Power Technologies Aerovox Agastat Relays Agilent Technologies Alcoswitch Allen Bradley Allegro MIcrosystems Alliance Semiconductor Altera Applied Micro Circuits American Microsystems AMP Industries Analog Devices Apex Microtechnology Applied Microsystems Corp. Aromat Atmel AT&T Microelectronics AVX Beckman Benchmarq Electronics BI Technologies Boca Research Bourns Brooktree Burndy Connectors Burr-Brown C&K Switches Cal-Chip California Eastern Labs Cherry Semiconductor Cirrus Logic Conexant Corcom Cornell Dublier CP Clare CTS Corp. Cypress Cyrix Crystal Semi Dale Dallas Delevan Dialight Diodes, Inc DSP Communications Elantec Elna Epcos Epson Ericsson Exabyte Exar Exel Microelectronics Fairchild Fox Electronics Fujitsu Semiconductors General Instrument General Semi Global Village Grayhill Switches Harris Hewlett Packard Hitachi Honeywell Hynix Hyundai Microelectronics IBM Microelectronics Illinois Capacitor Infineon Technologies Information Storage Devices Integrated CMOS Technology Integrated Device Technology (IDT) Intel International Rectifier Intersil Integrated Silicon Solution Iomega ITT Cannon ITT Schadow Johanson JW Miller Kemet Kingston KOA Kyocera Lattice Level One Little Fuse Lite-On Linear Technology Linfinity Logic Devices LSI Logic Lucent M/A-COM Magnecraft Mallory Matra Maxim Maxtor Maxwell Micrel Micro Power Systems Microchip Technology Micron Technology Micronics Microsemi Microswitch Mitel Mitsubishi Mitsumi Monolythic Memories Molex Mosel-Vitelic Motorola Murata National Semiconductor NEC Nemco New Japan Radio NexGen NIC Components Nichicon NVidia Corporation Oki Ohmite Omron Relays On Semi Optek Displays OPTI, Inc. Optrex Displays Orbit Semiconductor Panasonic Panduit Paradigm Technology Pericom Philips Pioneer Plessey PMC-Sierra PMI Precision Monolithics Potter & Brumfield Power One Powerex Phoenix Contact Q-Logic QT Optoelectronics Quality Semi Quantum Rambus Ramtron Raytheon Semi RF Monolithics Robinson Nugent Rockwell Roederstein Rohm Rubycon S3 S-MOS Systems Samsung Sanken Sanyo Saronix Seagate Hard Drives SEEQ Technology Seiko Instruments Semicoa Semicon Semtech Spectrum Control SGS-Thomson Sharp Shuttle Siemens Sierra Semi Signetics Silicon General Siliconix Silicon Systems Simtek Sipex Solitron Devices Sony Semi Space Electronics Sprague STB Switchcraft ST Micro Startech Sun Micro Synergy T&B Ansley TDK Taiyo-Yuden TelCom Teledyne Telefunken Temic Texas Instruments Tokin America Toshiba America Trident Microsystems TriQuint Semiconductor TransSwitch TRW Tyco Electronics United MIcroelectronics United Chemicon Unitrode U.S. Drives US Robotics Vantis Vactec Venkel Viking Vishay VLSI Technology Voltronics VTC Waferscale Winbond Winchester Xicon Xicor Xilinx Yageo Yamaha Zetex Zilog Zoran

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IC Power Exchange
3510 Cherry Palm, Tampa FL 33619
Phone: 970-453-1762 Fax: 954-827-0139

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